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How to read your Time Off Tracker for employees

Review time off balances directly from your Gusto employee account. 

Follow the steps below to view the Time Off Tracker:

  1. Click the Time Off tab.

  2. If you have more than one policy, select which one you'd like to review from the drop-down.

  3. Review Activity to find a breakdown of all changes to your PTO balance.

This feature is only available to Complete and Concierge customers. If you don't see the Time Off tab it means you don't have access to this feature. Admins can upgrade their product plan at anytime.

Activity types

Activity Description
Accrual Hours accrued in accordance with a PTO policy
Added to policy Date an employee was added to a policy
Admin adjustment Balance adjusted from the employee profile
Admin recorded request Admin manually added a PTO request
Carryover limit reached Hours capped in accordance with your PTO policy
Employee request Hours requested by employee
Historical Accrual adjustment A historical time off request adjusts a prior accrual
Payroll cancelled due to termination Employee termination caused payroll cancellation
Payroll reversed Payroll reversal causing accrued hours to be removed
Max balance reached Hours capped in accordance with your PTO policy
Removed from policy Employee is no longer associated with a policy
Payout of unused hours Paying out unused hours during dismissal payroll

Balances will only reflect for limited PTO and sick policies.

Looking for more information about requesting time off? Check out this article.

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