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Add new employees to payroll

Once you've hired an employee, the next step is to add them to payroll. Go to the onboarding checklist and click Start beside the "Add to payroll" task. 

  1. Enter the employee's personal email. 
  2. Check the box Invite this employee to enter their own details online if you want them to self-onboard. Once they're done, you'll be notified so you can approve the details and get them on payroll. Uncheck the box if you want to enter all of your employee’s personal, tax, and payment details to bring them on board. Make sure to complete Form I-9.
  3. If you've set up time off policies, you can assign them to the employee here. Then click Save & continue. 
  4. Choose which documents you would like to provide the employee during onboarding and click Save & continue. The following documents will be included automatically:
    • Form W-4: Employee Tax Withholding
    • Employee Direct Deposit Authorization
    • Note: Employment eligibility Form I-9 (will be available for new employees whose start date hasn’t already passed. If the employee did not self-onboard, you'll need to complete Form I-9 outside of Gusto.
  5. Customize the employee's welcome options and click Save & continue.
    • Email an I-9 reminder (if completing through Gusto) 
    • Add a welcome note
    • Create a digital card for the rest of your team to sign.

Review the onboarding timeline for your new employee and click Send invitation. On the next page, you'll see their onboarding checklist to review and complete other tasks as needed. 

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