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Activate 2-step verification

Add an extra layer of security to your account by enabling 2-step verification. Using 2-step verification reduces the chances of having your account accessed by anyone else as they would need to have your Gusto sign in email, password, and phone number. Activating 2-step verification today will help troubleshoot potential account access issues later.

  1. Sign in to your Gusto account.
  2. Click your profile name that appears on the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Account Preferences.
  4. Next to 2-step verification, Click Activate for Stronger Security.
  5. Select if you want to receive your code via time-based one time password app or via SMS.
  6. If you select via app (recommended):
    • An Authenticator app is recommended because they do not require internet connectivity or SMS coverage once configured; on occasion, due to issues with the SMS network itself, SMS codes may be undeliverable to some customers.
    • Scan the barcode using your app of choice (some examples are DUO or Google Authenticator). 
  7. If you select via SMS:
    • Enter your mobile phone number and click Send Confirmation Code.
    • Enter your authentication code along with your Gusto password.
    • Every time you sign into Gusto moving forward, you will either use your authentication app to receive an authentication code or receive a 6-digit authentication code via text (with this option standard SMS messaging rates apply according to your cellular carrier).

If you select 'remember this device' when logging in to your Gusto account while 2FA is enabled, you will be prompted once every 30 days to enter the 2FA code on your device.

Note: If you have 2-step verification enabled and lose access to your phone number or are not receiving the code, please call us at (628) 246-1969 so we may assist with accessing your account. 

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