We’re here for you. For info and advice about navigating this stressful time, visit the COVID-19 section of your account.
We’re here for you. Find info and advice in the COVID-19 section of your account.


How can we help?

Troubleshoot 2-step verification

If you're having trouble with your 2-step verification, it could be for a variety of issues. Review the reasons and troubleshooting techniques below to help resolve the issue. If you're having trouble gaining access for another reason, check out this article for additional troubleshooting steps.

New phone

  • No longer have the old phone
    • Call us at (628) 246-1969 during our business operating hours, 7am - 4pm PT.
  • Have old phone and can access it

Troubleshoot 2-step verification for SMS text

  • On occasion, due to issues with the SMS network itself, SMS codes may be undeliverable to some customers.

    • During the 2-step verification setup, we recommend using an Authenticator app - they do not require internet connectivity or SMS coverage once configured.

  • Your device’s SMS inbox may be full.

    • Delete some messages from your inbox and click on Resend Code to have a code resent.

  • SMS network issues.

    • Try receiving your code via phone call by clicking on Call me with the code instead.

Keep in mind: All SMS text messages will be sent to the initially registered phone.

Troubleshoot 2-step verification for authenticator apps

Unable to gain access to your Gusto account still?

If you have 2-step verification enabled and lose access to your phone number or are still not receiving the code via text and call, call us at (628) 246-1969 so we can assist with accessing your account. 

  • Our support team is available to assist you Monday-Friday from 7am - 4pm PT.

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