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Change the company signatory

If you need to change the company signatory, follow steps below.

Step 1. Delete the current signatory

  1. Click the Company Details tab.
  2. Next to Company Signatory, click Edit.
  3. Click Delete This Signatory.

Step 2. Assign a new signatory

Once this signatory is deleted, add the new signatory.

  1. Click the Company Details  tab.
  2. Next to Company Signatory, click Assign a Signatory.
  3. Select if you are the signatory.
  • If you are the new signatory, enter your information.
  • If you are not the new signatory, enter their email address so that we can send them a notification to fill out their information.

Once the new signatory is added, they will be prompted to electronically sign a few forms in the Documents tab.

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