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Update your state unemployment insurance rate

State agencies send out notices with your assigned State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rates–you'll get one when you first register your company and with each new year (with your rate for the upcoming year).

If you previously entered an incorrect rate, update your SUI rate in Gusto as soon as you have your correct agency-assigned rate. 

Update your SUI rate or review rate history

  1. Go to the Company Details section.
  2. Click Manage Taxes under the applicable State Tax section.
  3. Scroll to State Tax Settings and click edit next to SUI Rate.
    • Updating your rate only works in states where you currently have active employees.
  4. Click Add a new rate. 
    • Here you can view the past rates you've had in your account.
  5. Enter the number shown on the notice as a percentage rate.
    • For example: if your notice says you have a rate of .055555, enter 5.5555%.   
  6. Set the Effective Date to the effective date listed on your notice, typically the beginning of the current year or quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1).
    • Important: If the update is being made after the deadline listed on the notice, agencies may assess penalties and/or interest for underpayments–these are the employer's responsibility to pay.
  7. Click Save.

Before the end of each quarter we'll run a reconciliation payroll to determine if there was a difference between the most up-to-date rate and a previously used rate. If there's a difference, we'll debit the company for the underpaid SUI tax amounts or refund the company for any overpaid SUI tax amounts. 

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