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Change or correct your company name

If you've changed your legal business name, follow the below steps to have this reflected in your Gusto account:

  1. Submit your name change to the IRS and relevant state agencies.
  2. Confirm with the IRS if this also requires a new Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
    • If you're receiving a new FEIN, change your FEIN using these instructions
    • If you're using the same FEIN, send us an email and attach the correspondence from the IRS and state agencies showing this company name change.

Once we receive your request and correspondence attachment, we'll update the company name in your Gusto account.

  • Note: We cannot make this change until we receive the IRS documentation reflecting the change. 

If you're adding or updating your DBA (doing business as) name, please send an email to us requesting the DBA update.

Troubleshooting company name issues

If Gusto reaches out regarding an error with the name you're using in Gusto, it's likely because we're using your DBA (doing business as) name instead of the official name that is on record with the IRS. To resolve this issue:

  1. Send us an email and attach the correspondence from the IRS showing your current official company name. If you want to use a DBA in addition to your official name, just include in the email both your official name and your DBA.

  2. Gusto will review and update the company name (and DBA, if applicable) in your Gusto account.
  3. If you want to officially change your company name with the IRS, follow these instructions.
  4. Once you receive IRS documentation showing your official name has been changed, send us an email and attach the correspondence from the IRS showing your updated company name. 

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