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Gusto Information Requests

When you’re setting up your account, we may reach out to request additional documentation - Gusto must remain compliant with banking and financial instituion regulations. The additional information helps verify your identity and ensure your account's security.

Failing to respond to the information requests on your Dashboard will prevent you from completing the onboarding of your company - you will not be able to process payroll until a response is received.

  • Once you've responded to the information request on your Dashboard, our team will review the information you provide within 1 business day and follow up with any additional questions if necessary.

Common examples of documents we might request

  • Photo of company signatory’s drivers license or ID card: We need this to verify identity. You can easily take a photo and upload it using a smartphone or camera.

  • IRS Document CP575 or Correspondence Letter 147-C: This is used to make sure your company name and FEIN match the IRS database. This is critical to make sure we can pay taxes on your behalf. To get letter 147-C, call the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line at (800) 829-4933. They’re open from 7am - 7pm local time, Monday - Friday. Once you connect with an operator, please request a copy of your FEIN.

  • IRS correspondence form 501(c)(3): This forms proves that your company has received non-profit tax exemption status from the IRS. To request this form, call the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line at (800) 829-4933. They’re open from 7am - 7pm local time, Monday - Friday. Once you connect with an operator, please request a copy of your form 501(c)(3).

  • Recent bank statement or screenshot of online bank account: We’ll compare this with the bank info you used to set up your account. You can upload a screenshot of your bank info that includes ALL of the following details:

    • Last four digits of the bank account number

    • Company name

    • Recent transactions

    • Current date

  • Articles of Incorporation / Organization: We need this to make sure your company is registered and in good standing with your state agencies. Reach out the the Secretary of State in each state you company pays taxes to get this documentation.

  • Business / Contractor License: Your company must be licensed and registered with all local regulatory agencies. Please reach out to those agencies directly to request documentation.

  • Utility Bill: We use this to verify your basic company info. Take a photo using a smartphone or camera of a utility bill addressed to the company that includes ALL of the following details:

    • Company Name

    • Company Address

    • Recent Date

  • Employees Fully On-Boarded: You must complete the onboarding process for all employees before your account will be finalized. Ensure that you or your team has finished setting up their accounts with all required information (SSN, DOB, and address).


Q: Why am I being asked to provide my Social Security Number?

A: We require your social security number so we can verify your company signatory and employees’ identities. We also need social security numbers to prepare tax documents for your employees.

Q: Why do I have to use a checking account to run payroll?

A: You must use a checking account for the company account in Gusto because savings accounts often have a limit on monthly transfers.

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