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Add your company bank account

While setting up your account, we will need your company bank account in order to debit for wages, taxes, and your monthly Gusto fee. If you already have a company bank account and you want to change it, click here.

Credit payments, credit cards, and savings accounts are not accepted—the account must be linked to a checking bank account.

  1. Click Step 7: Bank account.
  2. Click the Add Bank Account button.
  3. Select how you want Gusto to verify your bank account:
    • Verify account with Plaid—you'll be asked to link your bank account to Gusto so we can instantly verify your bank.
    • Manually verify your account—If your bank is not eligible for Instant Bank Verification, or you've decided not to use IBV, you'll need to enter your bank information in. We'll then send two test deposits which will hit your bank account in 1-2 business days. You'll need to enter the test deposits amounts in Gusto later.
      • Click the checkbox to acknowledge this change may block payroll for up to 2 business days until bank verification is complete.
  4. Click Continue.

If your bank is not eligible for Instant Bank Verification, or you've decided not to use IBV, you'll need to enter the two test deposit amounts in Gusto. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Company section and select Company details.
  2. Click Verify Now to enter the two amounts.

What's next? Add your pay schedule to Gusto.

Questions and Answers

Q: What if I don’t get the test deposits?
A: Either the account information was entered incorrectly or the deposits were entered incorrectly in Gusto. If the verification doesn't work, you'll be emailed with a request to make changes to your account details for proper bank setup.

Q: Can I add multiple company bank accounts?
A: Currently you can only add one company bank account for all payments. This includes payments for taxes, payrolls, contractor payments, and invoices.

Q: What is Instant Bank Verification (IBV)?
A: IBV is an easy way to instantly connect your bank account to Gusto. We use the same technology that banks use to keep your account information safe so everything you provide is protected.

Q: Does Gusto support alphanumeric bank accounts?
A: Yes. We allow users to use bank accounts with both letters and numbers.

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