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How to set up reverse wire with your bank

Setting up a reverse wire with your bank authorizes Gusto to withdraw funds from your account via wire transfer. If you’re running 2 day payroll, we may ask you to setup reverse wire to allow us to pay your team and your taxes on time.

  • Keep in mind: If you've been asked to set up reverse wire and were running next-day payroll, you'll be moved to 2-day payroll ongoing.

The process will vary by each bank, so you should work with your bank directly to ensure that the reverse wire is set up correctly. Here’s the general process that you’ll need to go through:

  1. Contact your bank. Here are some known contacts associated with major banks:

    • Wells Fargo: Wire Transfer Team at (888) 384-8400 and choose option 0

    • Chase: Contact your “Relationship Manager”

    • First Republic Bank: Call your personal banker or the customer service line at (888) 408-0288

    • City National Bank: Contact your “Relationship Manager”

    • TD Bank: Call your local branch

    • PNC Bank: You must visit a local branch in person.

  2. Request the reverse wire form.

  3. Complete the form and return to your bank.

  4. Follow up within 2-3 business days to make sure the form is being processed and the authorization is underway without issue. If this isn't set up correctly, we won't be able to debit funds to pay your team and taxes on time. 

The turnaround time for these requests also varies by bank, but typically takes less than 7 business days to complete.

You can usually refer to the form as a “Debit Authorization form” for reverse wire/drawdown request. However, here are a few other known form names associated with major banks:

  • Chase: Tri-party Agreement
  • First Republic: Reverse Drawdown Wire Transfer Authorization and Agreement form
  • City National: Drawdown Request Form

For further information on how to activate reverse wire within Gusto and the process please click here.

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