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Enter company addresses during setup

Welcome to Gusto! Ready to set up your account? After signing up with Gusto, add your company addresses to get started.

  1. Click Step 1: Company's addresses.
  2. Click Add Company Addresses and enter in your first address.
  3. Select if the address is one or more of the following:
    • Work Location: This is the address where your employees are physically doing their work.
      • It can be the same as the mailing or filing address so long as it's a physical address; for example, it should not be a PO Box.
      • If your employee works from home, this will be the same as their home address.
    • Mailing Address: This is the address that can receive any physical mailings from Gusto, which is oftentimes the same address as the Filing Address.
      • In Street 1, include critical mailing information only, such as the street address, followed by room, apartment or suite numbers, or you can report a P.O. box here.
      • In Street 2: Optional: Any additional instructions such as "Attention:" or "In care of" (%) can be reported here.
    • Filing Address: This is your primary place of business (e.g. company headquarters) and it should match the address you have on file with the IRS as the company's physical location.
      • You can find it on the company's IRS Federal EIN assignment form (Form SS-4). We will use this address on returns sent to the agencies.
  4. Click Save.

Continue this process until all company addresses have been entered.

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