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Sign paperwork

We need you to e-sign a few forms to authorize Gusto to debit your bank account and file your payroll taxes.

  1. Click Step 10: Sign Documents.
  2. Click the Sign Documents button.
  3. Select a signatory, a person who is legally able to sign forms for your company.
    • If you elect a signatory who is not yourself, we will ask you for some personal details so we can identify them in the future. 
  4. Enter the signatory's personal information.
  5. Click Save & continue

We'll email the signatory to fill out their personal details in Gusto and e-sign the company forms. If you are the payroll administrator and the signatory, you can move forward by clicking Sign Form next to all required documents.

What's next? Review your unpaid tax liabilities for the year in Gusto.

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