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Update your deposit schedule

At the end of the year, state agencies may issue new deposit schedules for the upcoming year, which would require your company to deposit more or less frequently than in prior years depending on your tax liabilities in prior year(s). If you receive an updated deposit schedule, you must enter it into your Gusto account using the following steps. You can also follow these steps to review the schedules you've had in your account historically. 

  1. Click the Company Details tab.
  2. Click Manage Taxes under the applicable State Tax section.
  3. Scroll to State Tax Settings and click edit next to Deposit Schedule.
  4. Select to Add a new schedule (this is also where you can view past schedules you've had in your account).
  5. Enter the schedule shown on the notice.    
  6. Set the Effective Date to the effective date listed on your notice, typically the beginning of the current year or quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1).
    • Note: If you're making this update after the deadline listed on the notice, you will be responsible for any penalties the agency applies to your account.
  7. Click Save.

If you've entered the wrong deposit schedule, please update this in your Gusto account as soon as possible by selecting Make a correction instead of Add a new schedule. The option to update your schedule will only be available in states where you currently have active employees. 

If you don't see an option to update your schedule in Gusto, please send the notice to Gusto to confirm that you are set up correctly.  

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