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View payrolls

View all payrolls that were processed through Gusto. If you haven't run the payroll and you'd like to preview it before you submit it, you'll be able to do so on the final step of running payroll.

  1. Click Payroll section and select Payroll history.
  2. Hover over your payroll check date and click View Details.

On this summary page, view all taxes, payments, paystubs, and employees included in this payroll. 

To view an upcoming pay payroll, follow the steps in this article

If you need to change your pay schedule, head to this article

If you onboarded to Gusto mid year and are looking for your payrolls you entered prior to Gusto, head to the Reports section and select the Payrolls prior to Gusto report. If you do not see this report, Gusto does not have your prior payroll information on file. In this case, you will need to reach out to your prior payroll provider to obtain this information. 

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