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Review unpaid tax liabilities

Unpaid tax liabilities are the employer and employee payroll taxes that haven't yet been paid to the state and federal agencies. If you are switching over to Gusto mid-year, you may have some outstanding tax liabilities you would like us to pay. We'll calculate the amounts you may owe based on your payroll history and allow you to select what you'd like us to pay on your behalf.

  1. Click Step 12: Unpaid tax liabilites.
  2. Select whether you had a previous provider taking care of your taxes, or if you were paying on your own.
  3. Select the amounts you'd like us to pay from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Review Previous Tax Liabilities.
    • Important: If you're not sure if these numbers are 100% accurate, review the in-depth overview attached at the bottom of this article for additional guidance.
  5. If everything looks good, select Pay Liabilities.

Questions and Answers

Q: How do I find out which tax liabilities still need to be paid?

A: Call your payroll provider and ask for your outstanding tax liabilities. Ask them about every tax liability that you see on Gusto's Pay Previous Tax Liabilities screen. Here are some things you can ask, depending on when you join with us:

  • If you are joining Gusto for your first payroll in the quarter, say: Please file and pay all quarterly tax filings for the previous quarter. Will you be refunding me any unpaid taxes? If so, which tax and how much?
  • If you are joining Gusto in the middle of the quarter, say: Please do not complete my quarterly filings since I am switching payroll providers. Will you be refunding me any unpaid taxes? If so, which tax and how much?

Q: What if the amounts shown don’t match the amounts from my previous payroll provider?

A: Select Amount Not Available. When you select this option, we'll prompt you to contact our Success team at [email protected]. We can help you figure out why there are any discrepancies in the data.

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