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Add federal tax details

As a full service payroll provider, Gusto takes care of your employer federal tax returns and deposits. In order to do this, we need to know your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), your official company name, and company type. You can find this info on form CP-575 from the IRS

  1. Click Step 5: Federal Taxes.
  2. Click Add Federal Tax Details.
  3. Enter your FEIN and company type.
    • Important: Do not use your Social Security Number (SSN) as your FEIN.
      • This is a common error for sole proprietors and other new employers. The IRS requires an FEIN once you've hired your first employee.
      • You'll need to register as an employer with the IRS and provide us your FEIN - it will be assigned immediately when you register here.
  4. Click Save. 
  5. Click on the next step to continue with setup.

What's next? Add your state registration account numbers to Gusto.

Note: We will default your account to a semiweekly deposit schedule and 941 form filing. If you would like to change these settings, you may do so by clicking the Company section and selecting Company details after your account has been set up.

To update your federal tax details after-the-fact, here are some resources: 

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