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Spot Check overview

What is the 2018 Spot Check?

The Spot Check is our name for our end of year questionnaire, intended to gather crucial information from you so we can ensure your company’s year end taxes are correct.

The first part of the Spot Check will ask you questions about your 2018 payrolls to make sure we have every piece of info recorded in our system. The second part will ask you questions to see if we need to include any special box codes on your forms W-2.

Why complete the Spot Check?

It is essential that we gather all information about your company’s payroll and benefits before we file your taxes. The earlier you complete the Spot Check, the more time we have to make any necessary corrections to your account.

What if I don’t have all the info yet?

We recommend you complete the Spot Check as soon as you are able. If you need to make any updates to it, you can do so from your company dashboard.

Where can I get more details?

Click here for a full overview of every question on the Spot Check.