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Gusto Account Suspension: Basic Information

Once your account is suspended, you'll still have unlimited access to your Gusto account to view company forms, reports, employee information, and past payrolls that were run through Gusto. Employees and contractors will also still be able to log into their own accounts to view their paystubs and forms.

Taxes:  If you select for Gusto to process quarterly and yearly filings, we will file returns for the current quarter and year-end with payroll amounts. We will also file any remaining quarterly returns for the year with $0 amount.

However if you select for Gusto to process quarterly filings only, we will only file returns for the current quarter at the time of suspension. We will stop filing all returns moving forward. 

When you're suspending your account, there's a dropdown menu where you can let us know why you're suspending. If you select "My company was acquired/is shutting down" or "No more employees to pay via payroll" all of your returns will automatically be marked as final.

Workers' Comp: If you have an integrated Workers' Comp policy, please contact our partner AP Intego at and include your company name so the required cancellation form can be signed in a timely manner.