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Gusto billing invoice details

You'll receive a Gusto invoice on the 1st of the month for the previous month (i.e. you'll receive an invoice on January 1 for the month of December), then we'll debit your company bank account one business day after that. You can access the invoice from the settings tab of your account. 

Note: If you have multiple bank accounts set up, Gusto will debit your company's invoice from the default bank account on file at the time we bill you.

The debit will include:

  • Your base fee.
  • A charge for each active employee. If an employee is active in your account, even if they were not included on payroll for the month, they will be included in your invoice. If you dismiss someone during the calendar month of the invoice, they will be included in your invoice. If you are no longer paying an employee, please make sure to dismiss them from your account. Once you dismiss the employee, they will not appear on the invoice for the following month.
  • A charge for each contractor that was paid in the month. This includes historical payments. If a contractor was not paid in a given month, they will not be included in your monthly invoice.

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