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Sync your payroll to Aplos

Sync your payroll

Once your accounts have been mapped you can sync your payrolls from Gusto to Aplos.

  1. Navigate to your Available Payruns for Import page in your Aplos account.
    • Pay period, company debit amount, and number of employees will appear for each payroll run.
  2. Click Import to sync the desired payroll(s).
    • Employee ID, name, gross pay, and net pay will appear for review.
    • The global account mappings selected during the integration setup will automatically be applied unless edited.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Review the journal entry that will be created.
  5. Click Import or Import & Exit Payroll
    • Import: Imports and returns you to the list of payruns.
    • Import & Exit Payroll: Imports and takes you to the journal entry created.

Payrolls you do not want to sync can be dismissed using the same method.

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