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Common QuickBooks Online Syncing Errors

If a journal entry has failed to sync from your Gusto account to QuickBooks Online (QBO), QuickBooks Online will send us an error code. You can use these error codes to troubleshoot the syncing failure.

Error MessageDetailResolution
Journal Entry has been reconciled. Please un-match reconciled transactions before syncing again.The Journal Entry has already been reconciled and cannot be resynced.

Un-match the corresponding bank debits so that you manually re-sync the Journal Entry.

This can be completed from within your 'Bank Feed' in QBO.

Books have been closed. Please reopen books in QBO before syncing.The quarter and/or year has been closed in your QBO account.Open the quarter and/or year to allow the Journal Entry to be manually re-synced.
A mapped account is missing in QBO. Please remap your accounts before syncing the Journal Entry.A change has been made to your Chart of Accounts which prevents the journal entry from syncing over.

Double check your Chart of Accounts mappings to ensure that each payroll item is fully mapped or make the accounts you want to use “active” in QBO and then remap in your Gusto account.

If you have Department Mappings, make sure all mappings are completed for the applicable Departments as well.
There was an error syncing with QBO. Please contact support.A connection error has occurred between QBO and Gusto. Further investigation is needed.Please contact for assistance from our Payroll Care team.