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Integrate with Sunrise by Lendio

Sunrise by Lendio is free bookkeeping software for small businesses. Features include:

  • Customized invoices

  • Financial reports

  • Automatic expense tracking

  • Quote and estimate sending

  • And more

Gusto integrates with Sunrise to sync your payroll data to their software where you can easily account for the payroll expenses. 

Customers who join Gusto from Sunrise will receive Gusto free for their first 3 months.

Connect to Gusto from Sunrise

  1. Sign in to Sunrise.

  2. Click Payroll, under “Expenses”.

  3. Click Create Gusto Account if you don't have one yet, or Connect to Gusto if you do.

    • If creating a new Gusto account, follow the prompts to get started first.

  4. In Sunrise, click Finish Setup.

  5. Enter your Gusto sign-in credentials if prompted.

  6. Select the company(ies) you’d like to authorize in Sunrise.

  7. Click Authorize.

  8. Select the specific Gusto company you’d like to connect to this specific Sunrise organization.

  9. Click Continue.

  10. Map your Gusto Payroll transaction data on the left, with the corresponding Sunrise expense account on the right.

    • Sunrise will prepopulate recommended accounts to match the payroll data import, click Edit if you’d like to change the matched account(s) or create a new one–you can always edit mappings later.

      • If editing: we recommend speaking with a tax professional.

  11. Click Finish.

If you have past payroll data in Gusto already, you’ll see a table with all the payrolls you can Import to your Sunrise organization–these payrolls don’t automatically import, just in case the payrolls have already been accounted for.

After payrolls have been imported from Gusto to Sunrise, navigate to the Expenses tab of your Sunrise account where you’ll find all expenses related to the payrolls imported. These will appear as Expense Cards which can be reconciled against bank transactions.

Reconcile payroll expenses and bank transactions

For most users, the bank’s withdrawal(s) will match exactly what the Gusto Expense(s) are, simply reconcile the expenses as usual. Check out the video in Sunrise’s Help Center showing you how to match the transactions.

You may encounter a few instances where the bank transactions do not exactly match the expenses:

  • Writing checks for one or more employees

    • The checks will appear as separate, unreconciled bank transactions/entries once the checks are cashed by employees..To reconcile, link the check(s) to the main Gusto payroll and the amounts should match.

  • Correction or mid-month change to benefits

Troubleshooting tips

  • Error message: “This account has been removed and must be remapped.”

    • This means one or more of your mapped accounts has been archived or removed in Sunrise. To fix, remap the missing account(s) by clicking Edit and selecting a new Sunrise account for the Gusto category missing a mapping.

  • Changing the integration mappings and/or updating Sunrise accounts

    • Any changes made to the mappings from Gusto categories to Sunrise accounts will only take effect beginning with the next payroll import.

      • Changes to either will not change past Sunrise transactions, but you may see the error message in the bullet above. You’ll need remap any categories with missing expenses.

  • Wrong company was connected

    • From your Sunrise dashboard, click More in the upper-right corner.

    • The click Disconnect.

    • Confirm  you’d like to disconnect in the pop-up.

    • A pop-up will appear titled Disconnect Gusto Company.

      • This will not alter your Payroll data or erase any journal entries or expenses previously created in Sunrise.

    • Once disconnected, you’ll see the option to Finish Gusto Setup which will allow you to reconnect a different Gusto company to your Sunrise organization.

Still need help? 

Check out Sunrise’s guide to using Gusto, or contact them direct at [email protected].

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