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Map Gusto departments to Xero Tracking Categories

Gusto Departments and Xero Tracking Categories often mirror each other. This means payroll expense information synced over through the Gusto/Xero integration for a Gusto Department can be tagged with a corresponding Tracking Category.

Setup the integration

  1. Enable Gusto Teams and Departments by clicking Settings then Customization.
  2. Add specific departments under the People tab and assign employees and/or contractors to the departments. These departments can mirror your Xero Tracking Categories.
  3. Set up your Xero integration by clicking Settings then Integrations, connecting the company Gusto account to the corresponding Xero Account.
  4. Select your accounts under Default Account Mapping.
  5. In the Xero Tracking Categories section, map your Departments to your Xero Tracking Categories.
  6. Save the mappings.

View the synced information in Xero

  1. Process a payroll.
  2. Select sync to send the payroll entry into Xero (if auto-sync is not enabled.)
  3. In your Xero account, pull up the Bill on the dashboard under Bills you need to pay.
  4. The line items will now be tagged with Xero Tracking Categories based on your mapping selections.
  5. Any employees or contractors not on a designated team or department will not have their corresponding payroll expense amounts tagged with a tracking category option.
  6. Previous payrolls can be re-synced with the Xero tracking categories, but any previously reconciled Bills will need to be voided to avoid duplicate entries.