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Set up Kin HR

Connect your Gusto account to Kin and automatically sync your employee information.

  1. Make sure all employees have an email address in your Gusto account.
  2. In your Kin account, click the Company tab.
  3. Click Payroll.
  4. Click the integration page for Gusto.
  5. Enter your Gusto login credentials.

This will start your initial data sync to import employee information from your Gusto account and Kin account. Once the sync has finished, Kin will reach out to you if there were any problems.

After the first sync, any employee changes made in your Kin account will automatically sync to Gusto.

Important: However if you make any changes in your Gusto account, employee information will not update in Kin. Please make sure to use Kin as your primary place for managing employee information to ensure data matches between the accounts.

For troubleshooting assistance or questions on setting up this integration, please send a message to

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