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Integrate with VGS Control (by Very Good Security)

Very Good Security (VGS) Control is a powerful compliance platform that provides a one-stop solution for centralized governance and automatic enforcement of security certifications and privacy standards. VGS Control offers:

  • Automatically checking for unique email accounts.
  • A single source of truth for your hire and separation dates, and their related onboarding and offboarding controls.
  • System access control SLAs (when individuals' access gets revoked in relation to their separation date).

Gusto integrates with VGS Control to import information about your employees from Gusto to VGS Control.

Connect to Gusto from VGS Control

  1. Sign in to VGS Control.
  2. Go to Integrations.
  3. Click on the Gusto card.
    • If you already have a Gusto account, proceed to step 4. 
    • If you’re new to Gusto and want to sign up: click the checkbox next to Make Gusto the authoritative people source for your organization
  4. Click Connect.
  5. For existing Gusto users, enter your Gusto sign-in credentials and click Sign In.
    • For new Gusto users: below the sign-in form, click the link Want to sign your company up with Gusto? You’ll need to enter some basic information, then check your email to complete onboarding in Gusto before proceeding.
  6. Select your company and click Authorize.
    • You’ll be redirected back to VGS Control.

To verify the connection, click People in the left menu and confirm that the employees were synced. You’ll also see any relevant tasks related to the information that was pulled in. 

Information that syncs

Employee information is imported from Gusto to VGS when you first connect, and again on the 1st of each month that follows (at midnight). 

What syncs to VGS Control:

  • Employee Name
  • Start/term date
  • Manager
  • Email

What does not sync to VGS Control:

  • SSN
  • Payment information
  • 1099 contractor information

Head to the People section of VGS Control to see the names of Gusto employees and VGS Control’s determination of employment status.


Why does my VGS Control account log out frequently?

VGS Control accounts should time out after 24 hours. If you're losing access faster than that:

  • Check that your cookies and cache are not being automatically cleared
  • Try turning off any browser extensions on our page
  • If the problem can not be resolved, contact your VGS Control account representative

Is the VGS Control integration safe?

  • VGS Control creates a role with read-only access to the entire account. They store your credentials in the same vault that holds consumer card information for large financial institutions and the safety of that information is guaranteed.
  • The integration provides more visibility, resulting in more automation and monitoring. If the integration is disconnected, those pieces of evidence (for auditing purposes) are removed from the VGS platform. The reduced visibility would not impact your ability to use VGS Control. 
  • VGS Control lets you customize the policies in cloud platforms however you’d like. In the event you’re audited, if automation and monitoring is not built-in for some tech systems, it just means you may have to gather some evidence manually.

Still need help? 

Contact VGS directly at [email protected].

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