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We’re here for you. Find info and advice in the COVID-19 section of your account.


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Add firm members to your Partner account

If you are a Firm Admin, you may add or remove individuals from your accounting firm.

Add a firm member

  1. Sign in to your Partner dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Directory tab.
  3. Click Add Firm Member.
  4. Enter your new firm member's name, email, and select if they will be a firm admin.
    • Note: If the firm member is already a payroll admin on a company account, do not select for them to manage any companies during the invite flow. Once set up as a firm member, you can return and assign which companies they'll manage.
  5. Click Save & Continue.
  6. If your new firm member currently has access to other Gusto accounts or another firm, they will be asked to confirm this action via email.

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