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Remove firm members from your Partner account

If you are a Firm Admin, you may add or remove individuals from your accounting firm.

Remove a firm member

  1. Sign in to your Partner dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Firm directory section of your account.

  3. View the accountants with your firm from the Firm members tab.

  4. Click Edit next to the firm member’s name you’d like to remove.

  5. Click Remove firm member on the right side of the page.

  6. Select the access this firm member should have to existing clients:

    • If you remove the individual's access to all of your clients, then we'll remove the individual from your firm and your clients.

      • You may need to reassign another firm member as the primary admin for the client(s) before removing them.

    • Allowing them to maintain access to clients means your firm will no longer be able to access the clients.

      • You may need to remove other firm members' access to some clients before allowing that specific member to be removed from the firm.

  7. Click Remove firm member.

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