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Gusto Learn

Gusto Learn is the new home for partner education, resources, and our People Advisory Certification program. It’s available to our Gusto partners as a benefit of our partner program

Using Gusto Learn 

  1. Sign in to your Gusto Pro account

  2. Click Gusto Learn in the right-hand panel of the dashboard.

  3. Review the available course—our People Advisory Certification program.

    • Click the course title to read an overview of the purpose and objectives.

    • Click Modules to see the index of all modules within the course.

    • Click Start to begin the course.

  4. Before, during, and after the completion of modules, we encourage you to use the below resources for support:

    • Search Help Center articles for general questions.

    • Reach out to your Partner Sales Representative for additional support on what you’ve learned and for follow-up resources. 

  5. Complete the course and receive your People Advisor Certificate.

Accessing course history and certificates

  1. On the Gusto Learn dashboard, go to the Completed Courses tile.

  2. Relaunch the desired course, or download your Certificate

  3. To download your training history, go to Download Training History in the upper right of your Gusto Learn dashboard.

    • This will download as a .pdf file.

Course feedback

If you have feedback or suggestions for the course(s), please email  

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