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People Advisory Certification overview

People Advisory Certification teaches how to effectively use the people platform, details compliance fundamentals, and defines people advisory frameworks. 

Accessing the People Advisory Certification 

  1. Sign in to your Gusto Pro account

  2. Click Get certified in the right-hand panel of the dashboard.

  3. In Gusto Learn, open the People Advisory Certification course. 

  4. Click Launch course on the left-hand panel. 

  5. Launch Chapter 1: Understanding Payroll — Introduction. 

Program structure 

The People Advisory Certification program consists of three chapters and takes an estimated 4 to 5 hours to complete. The chapters are as follows:  

  • Chapter 1: Understanding payroll 

  • Chapter 2: Advocating for benefits 

  • Chapter 3: Championing HR 

Each chapter follows the same module structure—which is: 

  1. Intro: Provides a high level overview of the given topic, and defines the business opportunity for people advisors  

  2. Foundation: Teaches compliance basics  

  3. People Platform: Dives into product training  

  4. People Advisory: Details people advisory opportunities and gives examples of how to apply frameworks with clients  

  5. Quiz: 10 question quiz that must be passed with a score of 80% in order to complete the course 

Checking progress 

The Course Contents panel in Gusto Learn tracks your progress throughout the program and indicates a percentage of completion. 

To move around content once in a module, use the navigation icon in the upper right-hand corner. The modules must be taken in order, and each module is only ‘unlocked’ by completing the prior module. In order for a module to be considered ‘completed’ you must access each page within it.


To successfully complete a chapter within the program, you must complete a 10-question quiz and achieve a passing score of 80%. 

  • There are unlimited attempts to complete a quiz, just hit the Reset button.

  • If needed, you can revisit course materials by navigating in the Course Contents panel in Gusto Learn.

People Advisory Certification Fast Track 

People Advisory Certification Fast Track is designed for experienced partners who have already been using Gusto and have not yet achieved their certification. 

The Fast Track is a 30-question test that takes an estimated 1 hour to complete. It may only be attempted once, and you must achieve a passing score of 80%. If you pass on the first attempt, you can complete the full People Advisory Certification program. 

Access the Fast Track 

  1. Once on the Gusto Learn Dashboard, click the Dashboard drop-down in the upper left, and select Catalog. 

  2. In Catalog, scroll to the course with Fast Track in the title.

Getting support

Before, during, and after the completion of modules, we encourage you to use the below resources for support:

  • Search Help Center articles for general questions.

  • Reach out to your Partner Sales Representative for additional support on what you’ve learned and for follow-up resources. 

  • Contact if you experience access issues.

Certifications, badges, and CPE credits

Certifications and badges

Upon achieving People Advisory Certification, you will receive a course completion email which will contain access to: 

  • A .zip file of People Advisor Certified badges in different file formats and colors 
  • A downloadable certificate of completion 

Badges can be used on your website, email signature and any other digital or print marketing collateral. This badge showcases your accomplishment to prospective and current clients and sets you apart as a certified people advisor.

You can access the certificate of completion within Gusto Learn: 

  1. On the Gusto Learn dashboard, go to the Completed Courses tile.  
  2. On the People Advisory Certification course select Download Certificate. 

CPE Credits

Starting on 12/7/2020, Gusto can issue 4.0 CPE credits in collaboration with to partners who complete People Advisory Certification. 

Certificates will be made available by the following Friday of your course completion. You will receive an email notification from when your certificate is available.


Q: I started Certification before 12/7/2020 and haven’t finished. Am I eligible for CPE credits? 

A: In order to be eligible for CPE credits, your program ‘Start’ date must fall on 12/7/20 or after. If you’d like to restart the program, you can contact with a request to ‘start over’. 

Q: How many CPE credits will you reward for People Advisory Certification? 

A: 4.0 credits are awarded for completion of People Advisory Certification (for course start dates on or after 12/7/2020).

Q: Can you award CPE credits for the Fast Track? 

A: Unfortunately, no. CPE credits are only awarded for teaching courses, not for completing exams. 

Q: I already got certified. Can I receive CPE credits once you become accredited? 

A: Unfortunately, no. NASBA states that we cannot award CPE credits in arrears. 

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