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Integrate with Clover

Gusto integrates with Clover to sync employee and contractor names (first and last) and emails between both systems. When you update that employee or contractor information in either system it will automatically be updated in the other. 

Syncing info from Clover to Gusto

When an employee or contractor is added to Clover, the user will be added to Gusto for completion of onboarding. Once imported, the employee or contractor will be listed in the 'Needs Action' section of your 'People' tab and will be tagged as a Clover imported user.

After adding the individual(s) to Clover:

  1. Sign in to your Gusto account.
  2. Click the Dashboard sticky titled Import new team members
  3. Under the 'Import to Gusto as' column, select an import type for each individual:
    • Add as a new employee
    • Add as a new contractor
    • Do not import
    • Merge with existing Gusto account
  4. Click Sync Team Members.
    • Important: New employees and contractors imported to Gusto must be fully set up to get paid.

You will automatically be taken to the 'Needs Attention' section of your 'People' tab so you can finish the remainder of the setup. If you'd like to complete this later, you can exit this screen and return at a later time.

Syncing info from Gusto to Clover

When an employee or contractor is added into Gusto, the user will then be automatically added to Clover. The email, first name and last name will create a Clover profile and should require no action on your end.

Employee/Contractor in both Gusto and Clover

If the user is already in both systems and a connection needs to be established in order to sync over changes in information, the individual will appear in the syncing process once the Gusto dashboard notification has been selected. There, you can elect to 'merge with existing Gusto account.'