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Integrate with Upserve

Upserve is an all-in-one solution to help you successfully run your restaurant - offering payment processing, point of sale and valuable insights, Upserve can help you boost margins and save time.

Gusto integrates with Upserve to sync employee time and attendance data directly from Upserve to Gusto. Multiple pay rates and types are supported.

Customers who join Gusto from Upserve will receive Gusto free for their first 3 months.

Connect to Gusto from Upserve

  1. Sign in to Upserve HQ
  2. Click Settings at the bottom of the left navigation pane.
  3. Click Integrations under “Settings”.
  4. Under “API Credentials,” click Add API Partner
  5. Select Gusto from the drop-down list of API partners and click Add.
  6. Click Authorize Integration in the pop-up window.
    • This will direct you to Gusto’s website. 
  7. Enter your Gusto credentials and click Sign In.
  8. Click Authorize.
    • You will be redirected back to Upserve’s Integrations Page. 

To confirm you’ve been connected successfully, check that “Gusto” is listed as “Connected” under “API Credentials.” 

Sync your Upserve employees to Gusto

Employees in your POS will automatically sync to your Gusto account at the end of each trading day. If you’ve created a new User in the POS, we'll create a Gusto profile for them at the next sync, and you or the employee will need to complete their onboarding in Gusto.

Guidelines for a successful sync:

  • Make sure you only have one User profile per employee.
    • Each user account can associate multiple roles, so if you have an employee who works more than one role, make sure to add all roles for that employee under the same user.
      • You can check your user list by navigating to > Users & Roles > Users.
      • If a single employee has two rows, consolidate the roles within each into a single User profile. 
  • Make sure all new employees are fully onboarded in Gusto. 
  • Users are best matched to your Gusto account by email.
    • To see who has an email, navigate to > Users > Export Users CSV and open the downloaded document in Excel (or similar).
      • You can add any missing emails in the “Email” column, save the document, and click “Import” on the same Users page to update your changes.
      • Important: Ensure each Role has the correct associated permissions. Adding an employee’s email to a Role that allows HQ access will grant that employee access. 
  • Employees must clock out of one role before clocking into another. 
  • Remind your employees to clock out at the end of their shift.

How to edit payroll details before syncing to Gusto

You may need to edit payroll information before a sync if an employee forgets to clock out, you change a pay rate, or you want to adjust tips. After editing, your changes will be automatically synced to Gusto at the end of the business day. if you need to sync changes immediately, scroll to the Manually Sync Payroll Information section.  

To edit payroll information: 

  1. Sign in to Upserve HQ.
  2. Click Reports.
  3. Click Labor Report.
    • The page will open to the “Timecards” tab.
  4. Click on the employee’s timecard you’d like to adjust. 
  5. Click the shift time which is shown as an active link.
    • This will launch an edit modal for that timecard. 
  6. Adjust role, shift times, or tips as needed. 

When finished, your edits will be saved and automatically synced to Gusto at the end of the business day. 

Manually sync payroll information to Gusto

If you’ve made changes to your employee information or timecards and plan to run payroll in Gusto before the end of the business day, you'll need to manually sync all updated information before processing payroll.

Manually sync payroll information: 

  1. Sign in to Upserve HQ.
  2. Click Integrations in the left navigation pane. 
  3. Find "Gusto".
  4. Click on the Sync Now button associated with your current pay period.
    • This will sync data for both your current pay period and the previous pay period, if you haven’t yet run it in Gusto. 
  5. Reload the page to see any additional warnings and the status of the attempted sync. 

Troubleshoot syncing issues

You can check your sync status by navigating to Upserve > Settings > Integrations. For both your previous pay period and your current pay period, you’ll see:

  • Pay period date range
  • Last attempted sync date and time 
  • Last successful sync date and time

A series of warnings will display if there were problems syncing your data. These include:

  • Non-onboarded Gusto employee(s) will not be synced
    • These are employees you need to fully onboard in Gusto.
  • POS user(s) with duplicate emails will not be synced
    • Check to make sure you don’t have two user profiles for a single employee. 
  • POS user without email has duplicate name
    • Make sure you don’t have two user profiles for a single employee. If you do have two employees with the same name, add emails to each profile to help us distinguish them.

Still need help?

Contact Upserve by email or by phone at (855) 664-3887, press 1 for support. 

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