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Integrate with Sling

Sling is an employee scheduling and communication tool that allows you to organize all aspects of your work on a single platform.

Connect your Gusto account to Sling to seamlessly sync your time tracking information (regular hours, overtime, double overtime, and sick or vacation hours) to payroll. You can also import employee information into Sling. 

Customers who join Gusto from Sling will receive Gusto free for their first 3 months.

Connect to Gusto from Sling

  1. Sign in to Sling.

  2. Click Settings on your Dashboard.

  3. Click Integrations under Settings.

  4. Under Payroll Apps, click Connect to Gusto

    • You’ll be asked to Sign up for Gusto or Log in if you already have an account. If signing up, follow the prompts to add some additional information.

  5. Enter your Gusto credentials and click Sign In.

  6. Select the company you’d like to authorize the integration for.

    • Sling only allows one company to be connected per Sling organization.

  7. Click Authorize.

    • You will be redirected back to the Sling Integrations Page.

  8. Click the X to exit out of the confirmation page.

To confirm you’ve been connected successfully, check that Gusto is listed as Connected.

After connecting your Gusto account, employees will be synced from Gusto to Sling every hour. If you already have employees on your Sling account, it will look for matching email addresses to prevent duplicates.

  • At this time, adding a user in Sling first will not automatically create them in Gusto–we recommend adding them in Gusto first.

How to manually import data from Gusto to Sling

Sling will automatically import and sync employees and their wages every hour but you can trigger a manual sync in the settings–we won’t import any other information from Gusto:

  1. Sign in to Sling.

  2. Review your timesheets - if you need help check out this article by Sling.

    • Reminder: the timecard approval process is optional. Managers will be able to export the payroll at any time even if the approval status is pending. 

  3. Click Settings on the Dashboard.

  4. Click Integrations.

  5. Next to Gusto, click on the three-dot menu.

  6. Click Sync.

    • Keep in mind: you can only import manually every 15 minutes.

How to export payroll information from Sling to Gusto

To export payroll information from Sling to Gusto, you will need to push your employees hours through the Sling payroll report–by design, this cannot be automated, users should do a final review of hours before exporting to payroll. 

  • Keep in mind: the integration will only export data for hourly employees. 

If you're syncing PTO and sick time, you'll first need to set up the policies in Gusto. To do so:

To review and export hours:

  1. Review your timesheets - if you need help check out this article by Sling.

    • Reminder: the timecard approval process is optional. Managers will be able to export the payroll at any time even if the approval status is pending. 

  2. From your Sling dashboard, click Reports in the navigation header.

  3. Click Payroll.

  4. Select the date range of the payroll pay period.

    • If pay schedules are modified in Gusto, you’ll need to do a manual sync to update this in Sling.

  5. Click on the Export button and select Export to Gusto.

  6. Click Go to Gusto to run payroll. Or, the timesheet information will now appear in the Run Payroll section of your Gusto account whenever you’re ready to process payroll.

  Managers can export as many times as you want – each export overrides the last one, so if you make a mistake or add a Timecard late, you can export again.

Troubleshoot syncing issues

You can check your sync status by navigating to Sling > Settings > Integrations. From there, you can check the status of the integration:

  • Connected: Everything should work as expected, employees are automatically synced

  • every hour.

  • Maintenance: There is something wrong on our side and it will fix itself within an hour.

  • Error OAuth: We are no longer authorized to get data from Gusto. You will have to

  • disconnect and connect again with Gusto.


Q: Does the integration support multiple pay jobs?

A: Yes. In Gusto, a job title is the equivalent of a “position” in Sling.

Q: What happens if an employee’s information is updated after the employee was synced?

A: If the employee in Gusto is updated after a sync, you will have to wait for the next sync or trigger one manually

Q: What do I do if I have duplicate users in Sling because of a Gusto import?

A: Sling recommends deleting the profile that doesn't have an email or that doesn't have the same email set in Gusto.

Still need help?

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