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Set up When I Work

Connect your Gusto account to When I Work and sync your time tracking information with payroll.  

  1. Make sure the following is set up in Gusto:
    • Pay schedule matches between Gusto and When I Work.
    • Employees are added to Gusto that are seen in When I Work.
    • Paid time off policy is set up in Gusto if PTO hours will be syncing from When I Work.
  2. In your When I Work account, click your profile picture located in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click App Settings.
  4. Click Integrations.
  5. Next to Gusto, click Connect.
  6. Enter your Gusto login credentials.
  7. Import any employees seen in Gusto that are missing in When I Work.

Once you've finalized your time sheets for the pay period, export the hours to your Gusto account. Multiple pay rates for employees are supported.

See this guide on how to set up employees who do not need to clock in for a time shift.


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