Set up Workers' Compensation with AP Intego

Workers' Compensation insurance protects and covers your business against injuries, death, and illness that could occur as a direct result of the work done while your employees are on the job. Gusto and AP Intego work together to deliver a fully integrated online workers' compensation solution. Find out more about AP Intego on their website.

Workers' Compensation requirements by state

The requirements for which employers need to obtain Workers' Compensation vary by state—check out this article for more information about each state's requirements. 

Workers' Compensation with Gusto

When you set up workers' compensation insurance in Gusto, we collect various business, employee, and payment information. This information is securely shared with AP Intego, who works with insurance providers to get you the best quote and enroll you in a new policy without ever leaving Gusto. 

After your workers' compensation policy is set up, Gusto sends your payroll information to AP Intego every time you run payroll. AP Intego uses the payroll amount to calculate the workers' compensation premium charge, make the necessary payments to carriers, and submits all the paperwork.  Below are a few other advantages with signing up for workers' compensation with Gusto:

All information about your company's worker's compensation that Gusto has on file can be found by clicking the Taxes & compliance tab and selecting the Stay compliant tab. Invoices can be found by clicking Settings and then selecting Plan & billing.