Set up your Gusto account (as an employee)

Employers must give you access before you can set up, complete, and access your Gusto profile—reach out to your current, or previous employer, to confirm which email they added to your Gusto profile if you're not sure. 

Once your employer has added you to Gusto, you'll receive an email asking you to fill out your personal details to get you on payroll. You'll also be asked to sign a few forms electronically in Gusto including Form W-4, direct deposit authorization, and Form I-9. If you're still having trouble signing in to your account, try troubleshooting the issue.

Having a Gusto account means you have access to all sorts of information, and can update your personal information with ease. You can also keep your account secure by setting up 2-step verification.

Read below for some of the things you'll be able to do in Gusto.