Set up your Gusto account (as a domestic contractor)

Once an employer has added you as a domestic contractor in Gusto, you may receive an email asking you to fill out your personal details before you can get paid. In other instances, employers may enter the details on their own.

Set up your domestic contractor account

  1. Your employer needs to add you as a domestic contractor in Gusto
    • Pro-tip: If you already have a Gusto account with another company, they can add you using the same email you already use and you can switch between profiles.
  2. Click the link in the welcome email to get started—if you're asked to sign-in and haven't set up a password yet, use the reset password option to set one up.
  3. Complete the prompts and enter any required information.
  4. You may also be asked to sign forms provided by the employer.

For domestic contractors, having a Gusto account means you have access to all sorts of information, and can update your personal information with ease.

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