Types of account mappings

View your chart of account mappings

  1. Head to the App directory section of your admin account.
  2. Select the integration.
  3. Click the Edit tab.

On top of the mappings you're editing, you'll see three settings: BasicAdvanced, and All. Each setting allows you to select the mappings that best fit your accounting needs.

Basic mappings

Basic mappings are the simplest way to customize the entry pushed over to your accounting software. The following options are included in Basic mappings:

With Basic mappings, you can still utilize Gusto Department Mappings, but the available payroll items to map will be limited.  

Please note: All benefit expenses will be included in regular wages when using Basic mappings.

Advanced mappings

Advanced mappings allow you to dive deeper into specific payroll items to increase the level of granularity that our entry pushes over to your accounting software. Advanced mappings include all of the same mappings as our Basic version, but “Regular Wages” and “Amounts withheld but not paid by Gusto” will have additional entries for the specific payroll items. The following options are included in Advanced mappings:

All mappings

All mappings offer the ultimate customization on how to build out an entry to send to your accounting software. The mapping items will be identical to the Advanced mappings, but there will be no limitation on the type of account used when making the selections.

While Basic and Advanced mapping limit you to Expense and Liability accounts, All mappings opens up your possibilities, allowing you to map your Gusto payroll items to all current and available accounts within your accounting software.

Please note: There is a risk that your accounting software entry may not reflect all of your payroll information if you select incorrect amounts. We highly recommend speaking with your accountant prior to utilizing the All mappings feature.