Types of account mappings

If you've integrated accounting software with Gusto, here are different ways you can map your charts of accounts. 

For more mapping information, you can also check out the Help Center article for your specific app

Types of account mappings

View your chart of account mappings

  1. In your Gusto admin account, head to the App directory and choose the accounting integration.
  2. Select the Mapping tab. 

On top of the mappings you're editing, you'll see a toggle labeled "Display all accounts." This is enabled by default, meaning you can choose from all active the accounts in your accounting software when mapping. If you only want to use one account for all earning types and benefits, click the toggle to be shown fewer accounts to choose from. This is better for users with simpler reporting needs. 

Edit your chart of account mappings

  1. For each Gusto payroll category, you'll select an account from your bookkeeping software that it corresponds to. 
  2. Your progress is automatically saved as you go. A few tools you can use to map accounts more quickly:
    • Map multiple items to the same account at once: check the box next to each item you want to map. Click Actions and choose Edit account type. Type the account name to select it. Click Submit.
    • Show only unmapped categories: next to "Actions," click the filter icon. Choose Display unmapped accounts only, then click Apply.
    • Clear your selections: uncheck the box next to an item or click Clear all