Use the Gusto Benefits Card Manager

The Gusto Benefits Card Manager (GBCM) is the online portal you can use to manage transactions and view balances for your FSA, HSA, DCFSA, and commuter benefits.

Manage your contributions and reimbursements

When you sign in to your GBCM, the dashboard displays your accounts and recent transactions. 

Manage claims

If your card is declined at a vendor, it's because the card can't verify whether you're making a qualified purchase. Pay out of pocket, save your receipt, and follow the steps in this article to submit your claim for reimbursement. 

Click on the menu bar on the top-left side of your account. Next, click on Claims to access your claim information.

Update your personal info and add dependents

Activate your card

The card automatically activates the first time you use it on an eligible expense. 


FSA/DCFSA claims & transactions

Commuter claims & transactions