What to do if you get a tax notice from an agency

The IRS and/or state agencies may send notices in the mail regarding your company’s withholding and/or unemployment tax accounts. Many of these notices can be resolved on your own by verifying and/or updating the settings in your Gusto account.

If the notice is regarding an upcoming change to your deposit schedule or unemployment tax rate, you can make the change in Gusto without our assistance. If you need to edit other federal or state details, see our guidance in this article.

Important: Agencies do not send notices to Gusto directly, so you must read and take action before any listed deadlines or effective dates of requested changes.

Notices you should report to Gusto

If you cannot resolve the notice on your own, are unsure what the notice is about, or the tax notice has a missing payment or balance owed, review the Report and upload a tax notice in Gusto dropdown below.

Click How to review your notice to understand what kind of notice you received and what additional action you can take to help speed up the time it takes to resolve the issue.