Start a 529 savings plan with Gusto

Gusto partners with Gradvisor to provide low-cost college savings plans that fully integrate with payroll.

Set up a 529 savinsg plan

  1. Head to the Benefits section of your account.
  2. Scroll to "Financial Health" and click Show more financial health benefits.
  3. Click 529 College Savings.
  4. Learn more about our partnership with Gradvisor–when you're ready to set up a plan, click Get Started.
    • You'll be taken to Gradvisor's website to set up your plan.
  5. Click Get Started with Gusto.
  6. Authorize Gradvisor to access your Gusto account by selecting Authorize.
  7. On the Gradvisor website, answer all of the setup questions. This will include contact info, billing info, and company matching. You can also set up a time to chat with a Gradvisor advisor.