API integrations

For admins

Gusto seamlessly integrates with many accounting, applicant tracking, performance management, time tracking, and business operations software systems.

Check out all of Gusto's integrated applications online, or in the App directory section of your Gusto account. 

For developers

We’ve spent 10+ years building modern payroll, benefits, and HR solutions for more than 100,000 U.S. employers. We're steadily opening our API to more customers—you can view all our API documentation online, including how to access each API.

We offer two ways to partner using our API:

  1. Build an application Create an integration between your software and our external API to help solve pain points for mutual customers. Over the years, we’ve empowered countless developers to build integrations with Gusto. Every integrated partner will be featured in our in-app directory and website. Learn more.
  2. Gusto Embedded Payroll With Gusto Embedded Payroll, you can build customizable payroll experiences into the core software that your businesses are already running on—vertical SaaS platform, point of sale, or ecommerce. 

Note: We currently do not support API access for Gusto customers looking to connect their own company systems directly to their Gusto account using the API. We hope to offer this in the future and appreciate your patience in the meantime.