Match your employees' charitable donations

Gusto Giving allows you to support charities you care about by donating directly from your paycheck. We'll handle the payroll deductions, Form W-2 reporting, and donation processing through our partner, FrontStream. 

How it works

Match your employees' charitable donations

When employees donate to charities through their paycheck, the company has the option to match donations. Follow these steps to choose a percentage to match. You can also set an annual contributuion limit, which caps the amount the company will match per employee.

  1. Click the Benefits tab.
  2. Under Add Other Benefits, click Other/Charity.
  3. Click Charity Matching.
  4. Select the charity matching percentage.
  5. Select your annual contribution limit per employee.
  6. Click Save.

The next time you run payroll, employees who are giving with Gusto will see charitable amounts deducted from their paycheck, and your company's bank account will be debited for the matching percentage. We'll send this to FrontStream, who will process the donation for the charity in the following month.

About FrontStream, our donations partner

All donations are processed through FrontStream, an industry leader in online donations. A little about them: 

  • Charities can receive donations whether or not they have a free account with FrontStream.
    • Donations made to charities that do not have a FrontStream account are issued by check and incur a check issuance fee. For this reason, we recommend ensuring organizations are signed up for ACH distribution.
      • To add an organization, please have them contact FrontStream by email at [email protected].
  • FrontStream has a 3.25% service fee per donation that is used to pay banks, credit card companies, and other associated costs of processing donations. See FrontStream's Terms & Conditions for more details.
  • By donating, you're creating a FrontStream account. Your email will be shared with FrontStream and the nonprofit you selected.
Gusto receives $0 from contributions and takes no additional fee from transactions.