How to confirm your 2022 tax information

To make sure Gusto can complete your end-of-year filings correctly, head to the Taxes & compliance section to answer a few questions, complete any adjustments, and let us know of other information that might be missing. 

First, we'll ask you to make sure your 2022 tax information is accurate, and update personnel information so that employees who need W-2s receive them.

  1. Make sure every employee and contractor (current and dismissed) who was paid this year has been added to Gusto
    • To check, click the People section and select Team members. To add anyone who’s missing, click Add a team member.
  2. Make sure you’ve reported any payrolls run outside of Gusto (including dismissal payrolls, and payrolls that include emergency paid sick and family leave)
  3. Make sure you’ve added all your contractor payments to Gusto 
  4. Make sure you’ve added any fringe benefits you offered employees in 2022 to Gusto 
    • Examples include use of a company car, gym stipends/memberships, relocation reimbursements, etc. To add fringe benefits retroactively to Gusto, follow these instructions.
  5. Make sure you’ve added all your employees’ 2022 retirement deductions and contributions to Gusto
    • To check, run a benefits report and select “401(k) costs.” To add deductions or contributions retroactively to Gusto, follow these instructions.
  6. Make sure all your benefit deductions and contributions are correct
  7. Make sure your employees’ work addresses are up-to-date (including anyone working from home)

Next, you'll be prompted to let us know about special compensation your employees received in 2022

Special compensation often doesn’t appear on paystubs, but we need to record it on your employees’ W-2s. In the Taxes & Compliance section, let us know if you offered any of these. We’ll ask for the specific amounts later on.