Set up eBility Time Tracker

Time Tracker is a mobile time tracking solution that allows employees to track time anywhere on any device (laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android, or Outlook). Admins can quickly review and approve employee timesheets before syncing them with Gusto in just a few clicks.

Connect Time Tracker to Gusto

  1. Sign up for your 30-day free trial at Be sure to select the Gusto sync option during sign-up.
  2. Click the Gusto tab.
  3. Connect Time Tracker to your Gusto account.
  4. Import your Gusto employees into Time Tracker.
  5. Verify Gusto employees.
  6. Invite your employees to log time in Time Tracker.
  7. Approve and sync employee timesheets to Gusto.

When you run payroll in Gusto, synced hours will be shown under the applicable pay period.

Note: Multiple pay rates do not sync, they come over in one lump sum.