Billing and W-9 for Gusto Partners

Billing settings

There are multiple billing options available to Gusto partners (accountants)—you can select a different billing option for each of your clients.

Form W-9 for Gusto Partners

Gusto is required to have Form W-9 on file for accountant partners who have opted into quarterly revenue share payments for one or more of their clients. Once we receive the W9 information, we'll pay out the referral/promotion in the next payment run. 

Only Firm Admins can add or edit the W-9. If you're unable to do so, please reach out to a Firm Admin.

Note: Gusto (ZenPayroll) is a corporation and customers don't need to send us a 1099. Because of this, we don't fill out a W-9 for customers. For our accounting partners, we do send a 1099 from Zenpayroll and the same with referral payouts over $600.