Gusto benefits dashboard

Company Contribution: The amount that you've committed to contributing toward your employees’ premium costs. This is an arrangement made at the time of enrollment, which you can change once your policy is up for renewal. Learn more in our Help Center article on company contribution schemes.

Policy Name / Carrier: This column indicates the name of each policy you've offered in your benefits package for the year with the corresponding carrier listed below.

Effective Dates: Your coverage applies to all enrolled employees during this time-frame.  Treatment received outside of these dates will not be covered by this policy.

New Hire Waiting Period: The amount of time that a new hire needs to be employed before they're eligible for health benefits. This is established when you first set up health insurance and can be changed during your group's renewal. Common examples of a waiting period:

Note: This is relevant to companies who have benefits with Gusto. If your benefits are managed externally, you will not see this dashboard.