Sign a birthday card for a coworker

Administrators can invite employees to sign a birthday card for a coworker—at this time, we don't support inviting contractors to sign birthday cards. 

To view a list of employee birthdays, admins can run an employee summary report.

Sign a birthday card

  1. If your employer asked you to sign a birthday card for a coworker, check your email for the invite.
    • If you don't see an email, confirm the email address on file in Gusto, and check your spam folder(s).
  2. From the email, click Sign the card.
  3. Enter your custom birthday message—this cannot be edited once submitted. 
    • Your comment and profile photo will be visible to all others who can access the card.
  4. Click Post.

Your comment will be posted to the card and sent to your teammate on their birthday.