Print employee paystubs as a payroll admin

If you're an employee, head to this article to learn how to view and print your paystubs in your Gusto account.

Admins with the required permissions can print all paystubs associated with a specific payroll by following these steps: 

  1. Click the Payroll section and select Payroll history.
  2. Scroll to the check date and click View details in the "Actions" column.
  3. Scroll to the "What Your Employees Worked & Take Home" section and click the dropdown arrow.
  4. Below the summary, click View Paystubs.
  5. Download the paystubs and print.

You can print a specific employee's paystub by going to the People section and selecting Team members. On the Right side of the "Job & Pay" section, select the specific paystub from the drop-down menu and print.

If you need to print checks from a payroll or contractor payment, head to this article.