Track your contractor hours worked in Gusto

If you don't see the option to track your hours, or have the Time tracking section, reach out to your Gusto administrator to enable this feature. 

If you're a payroll admin, learn how to set up time tracking for your employees and contractors. Keep in mind that this feature isn't available on the contractor only plan.

  1. Go to the Time tracking section on the left-hand side of your account.
  2. Select a date range from the dropdown in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. To clock in and out, hover over the Hours column and click +Add hours or edit if you’ve already entered hours worked.
    • If you’re unable to edit or add hours, the company has already submitted a payment for that date range. In this case, you'll need to reach out to your payroll admin for further assistance.
  4. Select your clock in and clock out time period(s) for the day and if you took a break.
  5. (Optional) Enter a note.
  6. Click Submit.

To view the hours you've submitted, head to the Time tracking section of your account. Change the pay period in the top right corner if needed.